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Workshops for Schools

  • Sports Medicine Awarenes Course (SMAC)

    The content of a SMAC is aimed at changing behaviour in order to prevent injury and lessen the negative effects of sporting injury. The skills learnt in a SMAC can also be transferred to playground and classroom mishaps that occur all too often.

  • Elastoplast Taping Workshop - Schools

    Elastoplast Taping workshops are designed to be a fun and practical workshop focusing on the skills required to tape the ankle, thumb and fingers to prevent sporting injuries or help players return safely to sport.

  • Return to Play Workshop - Rehabilitation of the Injured Athlete

    This practical 2 hour workshop will teach participants rehabilitation methods for common sports injuries. It is suitable for teachers as well as students!

  • Sports Nutrition

    A practical and informative workshop designed specifically for high school students. This workshop educates students in the relationship between nutrition and physical activity.

  • Fueled 4 Fun

    A fun and interactive workshop specifically designed for primary school students. The workshop will educate students in making healthy eating and exercise decisions to help lead a healthy lifestyle.

  • Drugs in Sport Workshop

    Want to learn more about the effects of social drug use on sporting performance? What about Drugs in Sports at the elite level?
    This workshop is suitable for secondary students, teachers and parents.

  • Get SMART for Schools - online course

    Get SMART is an on-line interactive course, ideal for students completing health or physical education subjects at high school. Participation in this course will give them a greater awareness of injury prevention and immediate management as well as knowledge on a range of sports safety issues.

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